To help you decide which size to pick in each of our patterns we created this easy guide with some useful information about the fit. Tip: don’t let difficulty level of each pattern stop you from making your favourite style. That’s why we make a sew-along video tutorial showing you how to sew each style step by step.


Name: Amélie

Difficulty: ⬤〇〇〇〇

Pattern Fit:  This is a loose fit top. The pattern is cut along the straight grain line so you don’t need to use a fabric with a stretch. If you want this top to be more fitted I would suggest you, go a size down. You can also cut the top on the bias to give the fabric more stretch. Longer straps will make this top more plunge and shorter will get you more coverage.

Name: Chloé

Difficulty: ⬤〇〇〇〇

Pattern Fit: This skirt is another relaxed fit pattern. The skirt is cut on bias what gives a fabric maximum of a stretch. The waistband is made out of stretchy elastic which you’ll need to cut after measuring your waist. It means that you’ll determine how tight you want the waistband to be.

Name: Solène

Difficulty: ⬤〇〇〇〇

Pattern Fit: This skirt is one of the simplest patterns we sell. The wrap over style allows you to adjust the skirt very easily. The front of the skirt is made of two full panels which gives your coverage and won’t show thighs while walking.

Name: Louise

Difficulty: ⬤⬤〇〇〇

Pattern Fit: This dress is definitely an easy make. With adjustable straps, you can decide how plungy you want the dress to be. As it’s a slip dress is best to use a fabric with a stretch if you don’t have one cute the pattern on bias.


Name: Aimee

Difficulty: ⬤⬤⬤〇〇

Pattern Fit: This dress is relaxed fit dress. With a drawstring waist, you can adjust the fit very easily meaning that most of the sizes will fit you. I think this pattern would look great on all body shapes.

Name: Camilla 

Difficulty: ⬤⬤〇〇〇

Pattern Fit: This kimono robe is definitely an oversized fit. The bigger the size the more you have fabric to wrap over.

Name: Roselyn

Difficulty: ⬤⬤⬤〇〇

Pattern Fit: This is another of my favorite patterns we have. The dress is quite fitted, yet still comfortable to wear so I would suggest picking your size. You can easily make this a mini or maxi length my adjusting the skirt pattern pieces. This is why I love a wrap over dresses, as you can adjust them so easily.

Name: Nicolette

Difficulty: ⬤⬤〇〇〇

Pattern Fit: Same as Juliette, this dress is in a loose fit that you can tighten with a belt. If you want more body-hugging dress I would suggest going a size or two down.

Name: Darlene

Difficulty: ⬤⬤〇〇〇

Pattern Fit: The dress has elasticated neckline, waist, and armholes meaning that it will fit any body shape. Pssst.. You can also easily make this dress as a maxi, by extending the skirt panels to the desired length.


Name: Sofia

Difficulty: ⬤⬤⬤⬤〇

Pattern Fit: Sofia is an oversized classic shirt. One pattern size could actually fit multiple sizes due to extra fabric. Depending on how oversized you want this shirt to be you can go a size up or down.

Name: Juliette

Difficulty: ⬤⬤⬤⬤〇

Pattern Fit: Juliette is another loose fit dress for more comfort while moving or dancing. You can tighten the waist with a strap provided in the pattern but if you want more body-hugging dress I would suggest going a size or two down.

Name: Inès

Difficulty: ⬤⬤⬤⬤〇

Pattern Fit: pattern is personally one of my favorites. Front pleats will give you slightly relaxed mom fit and back darts will shape the bum. This pattern is easily adjusted and I wrote a tutorial on how to do it right here.