Meet Giulia

Meet Giulia, a new make of swimsuit bikini top. For this project, I used spandex fabric I purchased on Etsy in this beautiful four-way stretch swim performance fabric. The best type of fabric to make a swimsuit is definitely lycra or spandex with high GSM ( grams per square meter) to ensure that the bikini is not see-through. Also, thicker fabric helps to protect the skin by blocking unwanted UV light.

Giulia Bikini Top features a front twist that enhances the bust, gives great support, and creates beautiful gathers to complement the fabric and the design of the swimsuit.



Cami spaghetti straps with a bow tie allow you to adjust the straps and support of the bikini top quite easily. On top of that, they amplify the feminine look of the bikini and add a girly, romantic visual sensation.

On the back, the bikini top has a tie-back. Simple, efficient, and minimalistic. It creates harmony with shoulder straps and it's the easiest way to adjust the tightness to your needs!

I would highly recommend making a Giulia Bikini top! It's truly one of the most comfortable and magnificent bikinis to wear. Here is a sewing pattern I used to make this bikini top - Giulia Bikini Top Sewing Pattern.



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