5 Patterns to make this Autumn

Looking for Some Autumn Sewing Inspiration?

Perhaps these five sewing patterns will inspire you this season! Autumn is the perfect time to cosy up with a cup of tea and start a new sewing project. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, I've got you covered with these five sewing patterns that are perfect for the fall season. So grab your fabric, hot tea and let's get stitching!

1. Long-sleeve dresses

Maxi dresses are the ultimate classic dress for almost every season. They are stylish, easy to make, and, most importantly, comfortable! Long sleeves keep you warm in a bit cooler weather, and maxi length makes you want to do a spin every few minutes while walking. When it comes to autumn prints, we often choose animal prints, checks, thicker fabric, and more season-appropriate colours such as mustard or rust. Long dress and ankle boots, or a mini dress and over-the-knee boots. Dresses will forever be my favourite garment choice, regardless of the season.

2. Cosy Cardigans

Nothing says autumn quite like a cosy cardigan. This classic wardrobe staple is not only comfortable but also incredibly versatile. Pair it with jeans for a casual look, or dress it up with a skirt and boots for a more chic outfit. My all-time favourite autumn outfit is a satin skirt and chunky knit with high boots. If you are still not convinced, I highly recommend you watch the video tutorial for Sophie Cardigan to see how beginner-friendly this sewing pattern is.

3. Midi Skirts

I couldn't follow up cosy cardigans with anything else, of course. Midi skirts! One trend that's making a comeback this season is the midi skirt. Not too long, not too short—it's the perfect length to show off your style and keep you comfortable. As the leaves change colour and the air gets crisp, midi skirts are the perfect addition to your autumn wardrobe. They are super simple to make, and you can make them in a variety of fabrics and patterns, allowing you to express your unique personality. Whether you prefer a flowy floral print or a classic plaid, there's a midi skirt that just waits to be made.

4. Crop Tops

I know you may have taken a minute to read this one twice. Crop tops? Isn't that a summer staple? Well, yes and no! While the temperatures are dropping, layering starts! A cute crop top with high-waisted jeans or a skirt with a blazer or cardigan will absolutely transform your outfit. Layering is key when it comes to fall outfits, and the best way to start is with a cute crop top.

5. The Final Layer

It's time to update your wardrobe for the fall season. And what better way to do that than with a stylish jacket or blazer? Not only will it keep you warm and cosy, but it will also make you look like a fashion-forward trendsetter. The oversized blazer is comfortable, versatile, and oh-so-chic. Whether you opt for a neutral colour or a bold pattern, an oversized blazer can instantly elevate any outfit. Pair it with a t-shirt, skinny jeans, and ankle boots for a casual yet put-together look.
There you have it: the top 5 sewing patterns for autumn. Get your favourite tea and sewing machine ready and start creating your own cosy garments. Embrace the season with handmade pieces that reflect your personal style and keep you warm throughout the autumn days. 🙂
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